New Release: LOE LOF LON meets Wayne Rex

by Wayne Rex

About a year ago, I decided to record a random drum track and then, with the wizardry of computer technology, alter the sounds so, it becomes a whole different entity. Alas, I’m not that great with a computer so I just ran the track via a wahwah peddle and hey presto, This is what! was born. Not thinking too much about it, I posted it on bandcamp and it grabbed the attention of Spanish experimental musician, Gori Valarez (Loe Lof Lon) who decided to remix the track and again, it became something completely different, once again. From then on, we decided to record an album together. With the wonders of modern technology, we can easily do this, even from a thousand miles away. I started by recording a number of freely improvised drum trcks, with no definitive style, just play whatever I was feeling at the time. From that point on, Gori adopted the tracks, spliced them when needed and recorded his layers of freely improvised music, using everything from guitars to reeds, turning the tracks into a collection of wonderful improvised songs. Pieces of art, in their own right. His hard work on this album is admirable and he also organised the superb artwork (painted by Piedad Ortiz). She captured the film noir feel to the record, perfectly.
All that’s left to say is, we hope you enjoy the album as much as we enjoyed making it.

The album is a release of Sê-lo! Netlabel in partnership with Ferror Records (Spain) and MuteAnt Sounds Net Label (USA).