New Releases: “RD3” and “Radio Diaspora & Ba Kimbuta”




In his third year of activity, the duo Radio Diaspora launches RD3, third studio album. Recorded in May 2017, the album marks the maturity of the duo in 6-piece composition process. Again, the celebration of the Afro-Diasporic heritage in sonorous intensities is at stake.



Radio Diaspora & Bá Kimbuta

O duo Radio Diaspora joins the rapper Bá Kimbuta to broaden the horizons of the manifesto against the discrimination and violence practiced to the black people. Against the monopoly of white representation in music, Radio Diaspora, on the road since 2015, translates the African diaspora through the experimentalism of Free Jazz and Free Improvisation. Bá Kimbuta, also an activist of the black movement, has been doing resistance work with young people from the Greater ABC and São Paulo since 1996 through hip hop.



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