New Release: “Contraduzindo” by Tuzé de Abreu




Contraduzindo brings new, rereading, surprising songs from Tuzé de Abreu.

Tuzé is a musician, composer and arranger of long sound history traveling the most diverse paths, from the erudite, the popular song, to Smetakian chaosonance. Present and acting with the main exponents of Brazilian music in the last 50 years, from the most diverse generations. Discreetly, but very present. An unusual career as an author, performer and composer. Partnerships with Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé, Gereba, Antônio Risério, Gil Camará. Songs recorded by Gal, Elza Soares, Tom Zé, Amelinha, Caetano, Jussara Silveira, Gereba, Marcia Castro.
Tuzé, played in the iconic group of instrumental music of Bahia Sexteto do Beco. He participated vividly and intensely in the sound experiments of Walter Smetak. Experiences, dialogues, production and travel with João Gilberto. Guest and friend of the Novos Baianos. Soundtracks for André Luiz de Oliveira and Edgard Navarro..
His last show, critical success and public received the Trophy Caymmi 2015.

With all this track, with numerous compositions unpublished, this is the second album, of the chaotic meteorango yogue kid.

From the test of a flight to outer space by accident, Tuzé escapes; collect yourself … His friend and partner, Gil Camará, comes to visit him every day to record the sheltered songs that ultimately compose this album.
Against the pitch, the simple sound complexity of Tuzé is illuminated. Open your ears: Dare.




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