New Release: “Moscote” by Thiago Trad


Born in the city of São Paulo and raised in Salvador “the blackest city outside Africa“, Thiago Trad, well-known in Brazil as the drummer behind the pop/rock band Cascadura, launches his first solo album Moscote in the 20th of July.  The release shows the results of Thiago’s worldwide musical research passing through cities such as Berlin, Marrakech, New York, Lisbon, Paris, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Juazeiro, Santo Amaro and Salvador.

The album transits between the roots of Brazilian music, experimental jazz and the various contemporary languages ​​in an organic way. “Moscote is a free territory, an invitation to the imaginary of transterritorial liberation, where everything is sound and vibration”, defines Thiago.


Release: Bex Records and Sê-lo! Netlabel

Digital Distribution: Tratore

Music Production: Tadeu Mascarenhas and Thiago Trad

Mastering: Fernando Sanches (El Rocha)

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