New Release: “Yoni” by Lori

LORI is sonic witchcraft, made of improvisations and experiments with the voice, songs in ruins, fragments of languages, matriarchal glossolalia, noise. The compositions begin with free singing without concern for language. The result sometimes resembles known languages and later can generate lyrics, arising from the sonority. Other layers are added, many of them generated from the voice itself, others with the use of altered field recordings, synthesizers, drum machine, bass, guitar, and the audio capture of the magnetism, sonorities and resonances from many sources. Lori is a solo project by Leandra Lambert, who performs the entire production process, from the initial improvisation to the master. With this project, she seeks shamanic and transformative experiences using singing and other vocal possibilities, electronics and various technologies (high, low and DIY), loops and drones, free improvisation, and programming, with intense real-time effects processing.




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